Adirondack Life’s Best of the ADK – Winner!!

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Is it possible to be proud and yet so very humbled at the same time? If so, then we are both. We want to thank our awesome staff and our fantastic customers for helping us get on the 2018 Best of the ADK list. We regained our 2015 title (thanks for making us work for it!) for Best Chocolate/Candy in the Adirondack Park. It couldn’t have come at a better time than the year of our 10th anniversary.

We’re in fantastic company too. Not only are we part of an elite group of Adirondack businesses going above and beyond to make their loyal fans even more loyal, but right here in North Creek – we join Bar Vino, Gore Mountain & Cafe Sarah on the list of winners and runners-up. Our town may be small, but we sure have some good food and adventure going for us.

Thank you again and stay tuned for our 10th anniversary celebration – coming this summer!