Harvey Relief Truffles

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As Hurricane Harvey hits land for the third time in a week, our thoughts and prayers go out to those in need. While we may be 1788 miles from Houston, we can still offer some help. For a limited time, you can purchase Harvey Truffles from our website and in our factory store for $5. We’re not taking a cut, the entire $5 will go to The American Red Cross for disaster relief.

Our history with the Red Cross goes back many years, as we have served on the board of directors, donated countless pints of blood and have participated in & sponsored dozens of events and fundraisers. ┬áIn ’07, as we were preparing to launch Barkeater Chocolates, we had a tasting event complete with giveaways, appetizers and lots of chocolate. We donated $1,300 to our local chapter of the American Red Cross. In ’09, we did a different fundraising effort involving social media follows, which resulted in a $500 donation (not bad for a company brand new to social media)!

Today we are hoping for a similar result, with this donation going to help those affected by disaster.

If you’re going to purchase some delicious treats anyway…why not add on a 2 piece truffle box to do some good!