Here We Grow Again

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We’ve commissioned the manufacturing of new machinery for our factory. Jim & Deb just returned from a Great Britain training trip (and maybe had a little fun too) excited to train the staff! We’re eagerly anticipating the new addition to our production facility as it means we’ll be able to serve you even more efficiently.

Why is it important? The more people who taste our handcrafted chocolate confections, the busier we become. And with heavier production loads, it’s time we take it to the next level. Our brand new baby will be arriving this fall and will help us take our chocolates from our factory into your hands a bit quicker. Remember Lucille Ball &  her bestie Ethel packaging those finished chocolates? Our goal is to improve upon that process; with less going into our mouths and more going into yours. Good thing technology has come a long way since Lucy’s time.

While we’ve been spreading the news about our new arrival, we have been taking suggestions for names.

OK – so yeah – we name all of our equipment and appliances. Even our box cutters have names. It’s way more fun to ask a colleague to set “Otto” then to shout out serial & model numbers. Especially when we can’t even remember our own phone numbers.

So what exactly does our new addition do? It is a wrapping machine that will get allow us to package many of our products in less time so we have room to make even more delicious chocolates!

Thanks for helping us grow…again!!

What should we name the newest member of our family?? Email us some suggestions and we’ll reveal the name of our newborn when he/she arrives.
Our new baby will join Otto, Big Mama, Big Boy and Chad, among others!