By Sarah Morris


It’s one of the many words spoken by those who have made mistakes, minor or ill-fated. Here at Barkeater Chocolates though, it’s one of our customers’ (and, if we’re being honest, certain team members’) favorite thing to hear. Whether it be the almost expired, yet still delicious, chocolate that didn’t sell in a timely fashion, or the one that was simply forgotten, lost in the back of a display case. Whatever the case, we never let these “oops” get in the way of making our customers happy. Instead, these unpretty, unshiny, and sometimes uneven chocolates go into our oopsie bin, a collection of imperfection that doesn’t dull in taste whatsoever. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. And all our chocolate is beautiful … on the inside.

Oopsie truffles, priced to move, sit wrapped in colorful foils that leave you guessing on the flavors. Our most popular oopsie truffles are those of the holiday and limited time collections that didn’t fully sell out during their short tenure in the case. Not expired or broken, just out of season.

When it comes to peanut butter cups, they either make the cut or they don’t. And by cut, we mean our machine, Flo, who wraps the peanut butter cups and cuts between the sleeves, assuring a perfect package. However, sometimes she gets moody, resulting in a few cups that she angrily crushes instead of slicing the edge of the wrapper. That’s when our smooshed dark, milk, or sea salt peanut butter cups join their siblings in the oopsie bin, waiting to be taken into a loving home with people who don’t judge them on their looks.

When our bark ends up in the oopsie bin, you can almost bet that a fresh batch has been made and the more mature pouches need to move on. Still delicious and good looking, their golden years are coming fast, which means lower prices for you.

And finally, there are the chocolate bars. If there is a bar in the oopsie bin, congratulations, because you just found something extremely rare. There is virtually no reason a bar should be in the oopsie bin, but sometimes the universe is funny, and one will end up in there, usually as a result of updated packaging. Ugly bars are almost ALWAYS turned into samples … or, as stated earlier, eaten by the long-suffering team members who (sigh) have to smell chocolate all day.

Either way, “oops” is not a word to be feared, but one to be celebrated by the fans of Barkeater Chocolates.